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Backyard REVAMP
July 7, 2022

When we first arrived at this property it was easy to see the potential in this backyard. The greenery in the backyard had unfortunately become overgrown but the view left you wanting more.

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It is far too common in the world of landscaping. A beautiful yard becomes overgrown and weeds start to take over. An issue that can leave you working hours of tireless labour only to feel unaccomplished in the coming weeks as weeds start to grow back in full force. It can be deflating, especially if you are wanting to use your outdoor space for unwinding in your spare time.

Before Picture:

For this project the solution was to do a complete backyard revamp to bring life back into this incredible landscape. We started this process by stripping the top layer of grass and killing off any unwanted weeds. Adding a garden along the fence line with fresh mulch and spaced plants added a clean minimalist look that really compliments the improvements of the yard. The backyard had preexisting stone (Left side of “Before” picture) that had become overgrown with weeds and covered in pine needles from a neighbouring property. With a little love from the Butlers we were able to get this area weeded and cleared back to it’s original state.

With the addition of new sod and complimentary decorative pea gravel (Right side of “After” photo) this backyard now has new life and is ready to be enjoyed for years to come!

After Picture:

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