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Our First Okanagan Project
April 26, 2022

Our first project was on Ponderosa Drive. The steepest property on Wood Lake in the beautiful Okanagan. Ben lost 5.5 pounds. The project consisted of a spring clean up, re-mulching existing beds, creating a new garden bed, wood & rebar stair installation, planting, seeding & top-dressing the lawn as well as installing a new fire pit for our lovely customers and now friends.

Shared below are a few pictures of before the project started:

Upper mulch beds on the property before photos.


Down in the lower yard we transitioned an open space above the retaining wall into a mulch bed that can be used for future planting. We will update these pictures as plants get installed and start to bloom.


With planting in these lower beds, they will be sure to beautify the area for years to come!

Below are a couple pictures of the walking space that was previously along the backside of the home. They had been in for years and were in need of a change:

Sticking to a similar idea, we took out the stairs and replaced them with updated wood & rebar style steps to walk down. Below is a picture of the updated renovation:
Our customer is also an Airbnb host with their beautiful property. One of the things they were wanting was an outdoor fire pit for entertainment during summer evenings. Pictured below is the before picture of the area that now has a fire pit:
And after fire pit installation:
Our final task at this stunning lake side property is to restore the grass in the upper, middle and lower tiers of the yard. We will do this by using the techniques of aeration, spreading grass seed and top dressing the soil. This is a process that will take 1 month – 6 weeks to see the lawns full potential. Consistent watering is also required. Keep up to date with our blogs as we will be revisiting this property to show you the progress on the lawn.

Thank you for reading our first blog and a special thank you to our new friends!

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